Pink Pearl Slider Earrings With Sterling Silver Hooks

Purple Lotus Jewelry


Pink Pearl Slider with Sterling Silver Hooks Earrings

These earrings  our number one seller and we have just made an exclusive deal for our Purple Lotus Customers.  We are selling this beautiful simple pink fresh water tear drop pearl earrings for $9.99.  It gets even better the necklace for  $19.99.  Tell your friends.  These earrings are such an amazing gift for teachers, people who don't really wear a ton of jewelry, they love this piece because it can be dressy and casual. So simple and our customers love it. We are bringing this to you for a very special value this holiday season.  It is our hope that when you wear or gift this Purple Lotus Jewelry pearl necklace you reach toward the light and share beauty with the world.  You are beautiful.  

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