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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Purple Lotus Jewelry Blog.  I wanted to start out by telling you about our pearls.  At Purple Lotus Jewelry we use a unique dye process, that we have perfected over the years to create rich beautiful organic hues of color.  We have purple, green, champagne, brown, rose gold, gold, silver, chocolate brown, pink, black and even cobalt blue.  We use 12-15mm pearls.  

Over the past 13 years we have been featured in magazines, jewelry shows, jewelry television and more.  It is our hope that when you purchase Purple Lotus Jewelry you reach towards the light and share your beauty with the world.  Be believe that like the lotus flower we all have to travel through silt and mud and dark places to become the beautiful people we were meant to be in the world.  When creating Purple Lotus Jewelry it makes me so happy to think of you and your story.  It doesn't matter if you gift it or treat yourself to a piece.  Our designs are classic, simple and beautiful.  This holiday season we will be selling some of our exclusive pieces from Jewelry Television.  If you have any special orders send us a message we would love to hear from you.  

Happy Fall,


Angela Schellenberg

Purple Lotus Jewelry 


Angela Schellenberg
Angela Schellenberg


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